Welkom on the FDU Fox Hunting page
Sorry english only....
After a few years of active help with JOTA (Jamboree On The Air).
we wanted to do a fox hunting, but every time the sets were rented to some one else.
Thus I build a set for our self (or for rent to other clubs).
After some google-ing, where you can find a lot about this item, I came up with the following receiver and transmitter.
Both working in the 2 meter band (144 - 146Mhz)
fox hunting als known as ARDF > Amateur Radio Direction Finding

It’s a schematic you find a lot on the web in different versions. After some experiments this is my version
Klick on picture for bigger view
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The 9volt block battery is going to replaced by a li-po battery 3cell 1000mA (11.1 volt).
price of an 9 volt block is almost same as an li-po.
When you have a receiver you also need a transmitter (or more) otherwise there’s nothing to hunt for....
And also after some google-ing I came up with this transmitter.
It’s a “frankenstein” transmitter what means I used several different schematics and put them together to the one I created.
Klick on picture for bigger version
More info look here:
http://pe1grl.khds.nl/ for the software and firmware pic.

klick on foto for bigger view
used batteries are
18650 li-ion 3,7 volt
< A scout is explaining how receiver works....
Only hunting the fox is not enough, so we build an extra game.
You get a piece of area where the fox is located, but you get it as an jigsaw puzzle. Find the fox for a new area  to find the next fox etc....
Hey, I hear something... >